Selected Thoughts

What Recruiting needs to learn from social media marketing

The secret to building a Social Business – People

HR as a Career, Seat at the Table – Redux

Thoughts on Talent Communities

The future of Talent Management

Benefits for employees in a Social Business

Six new rules of Leadership and Management – or maybe not so new!

Social Business and Employee Communication

What is a Social Intranet?

Facilitating the design of the Social Workplace

Social Objects and Virtual Communities

State of HR industry in India

How to build employee advocates for employee communication

Thoughts on Social HR

Gautam Ghosh’s Content Community Model for Social Media

Leveraging Social Media tools for Learning

What does social-CRM, Enterprise 2.0 mean for HR and Work?

Designing Training for Organization 2.0

Changing Nature of Employees in the Organization 2.0 era

The Social Business’ Employee Manifesto

Social Learning and Communities

Building Social Connected and Collaborative Organizations

On HR Outsourcing

Use cases for Talent and Employee Communities

7 Social Roles in Employee Communities

How Organizations can build Talent Communities

Five things social media taught me about HR

The shape of the Hyper-Linked Organization?

Social Media within the Organization

For HR to survive HR has to be redundant

How can firms leverage social technologies for Recruiting

5 things Social Media taught me about HR

Leadership in Hyper-Linked Times

Building Open Organizations

Culture and Collaboration

How to get a professional services firm started on Social Media

HR and the Web 2.0 world

SociCritical Skills for Human Resources

How to achieve Employee Engagement

Twitter and Social Media as a Learning Tool

Should Software Engineers Go for an MBA?

5 Skills for Career Success

Different Kinds of Leaders

Setting Expectations for Employees

Why Have a Compensation Philosophy?

Twitter, Microblogging and HR

HR as a career

Using Blogs to Brand Yourself for career growth

Tracking the outcome of Training

Six Tips for Networking

Using Linkedin to Get Career Insights

What is OD (Organization Development) ?

10 reasons for employee attrition

Sanjeev Bikhchandani CEO InfoEdge on Naukri’s IPO

On Challenges for Learning

On e-Learning

Learning Evaluation

HR and IT

On Skills

Future of HR (word Document)

Relooking MBA in HR

B-School Recruitment

Negotiating your Salary

Organizational Quotient

Succession Planning

Knowledge Creation

Future Organizational Structures

Organizational Innovation


On Innovation

Employee engagement

Hiring Mistakes

On Competition

OD and HR

Knowledge and Competence

OD and KM

Building Creativity

On doing an MBA


Possibilities for the future

Business Blogging in India

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  2. Gautem:

    Thanks for the nice mention in the Weblog. The updated and expanded version of “Rain Making” is just out and a copy is on its way to you.


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