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Personal Social CRM Systems

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I’ve been using to manage my social media contacts – and it’s an amazing resource.

What is basically does is link all your social network contacts and email contacts together – so before you send a mail to the person you can see what’s on his/her mind on Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin or blog. See What is Gist

Another resource is – a Chrome and Firefox extension unfortunately only for Gmail and Google Apps mails which let you see when you are mailing someone his social network details and status updates. See the review on Web Worker Daily.

Of course, if you are a MS Outlook user – you only need to install the Xobni plug-in – and when you see a mail you can see the recipients and the mails you have exchanged and his/her social network information – and Hoovers information is he/she is on a company email account. Read more here

What are your personal social CRM systems that you use?

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Social Media and Business – Q and A

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I was approached by a journalist to answer some questions on a story
her publication is doing on Social Media – here are the questions and
my answers
Q.      As social media consultant where do you see the loopholes of a
company’s social media marketing?

a.       The biggest loophole is that managers think that social media
is like other media. It’s not. It is a place where users feel the need
to express and comment and create. If brands only focus on
“broadcasting” instead of giving people a platform to create and
connect they won’t enthuse the user.

Q      What is the social media strategy that a company needs to adopt?

a.       Focus on building a community of enthusiasts and evangelists
about their passions, lifestyle or causes. Don’t make Facebook and
Twitter as the fulcrum. Use them to find people who are your
evangelists and encourage them to engage with other users on your

b.      Organizations will need to realize that they need to do two
things that they don’t have currently the skills for – to become
content and community stewards

Q.     How does one measure the social media activities and the result?

a.       There are three metrics that one can track

i. Engagement metrics on the platform

ii. Web metrics

iii. Business metrics – focused on how many people tried or bought the product.

Q. H ow do you think social media is helping the small businesses,
like those who are advertising and marketing their services only
through social media?

A. There are some kind of small businesses like Cafes, restaurants,
bookshops, art galleries which are ideal for social media as their
products and services can have dedicated fans – who engage with it on
social media outlets. Such businesses can incentivise fans to talk
about them on the social web and reward them for such evangelism.

However, for small businesses that are into B2B marketplaces, like
recruiting agencies (e.g. ) it is a
vehicle to build awareness and connect with customers – and also for
Search Engine Optimisation.

Q. do you think having a strong fan following and creating a number of
fan pages are giving these business a boost and scope to flourish?

A. In the US it has been researched that the value of a fan is much
higher than an ordinary customer – so yes if a business displays
engagement with its fans and helps its fans to connect with each other
– it stands to benefit from the goodwill

Q. what is your projection for small businesses who runs only through
social media, says.. 2-3 years down the line.

A. I see social media – specially location based services like
Foursquare and Gowalla – becoming critical to these businesses as it
shows who’s visiting them and are willing to talk about them – such
regulars (“mayors” on foursquare for example) will be key to drive
brand messages by empowering them to talk about the business.

In the future I see value being co-created in the space between the
fan and the businesses, with innovation and ideas for new services and
products being given by these fans.

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Analysis of a company’s Employment Brand on Social Media

We at 2020 Social ( recently compared the employment brand related conversations of two large IT firms on the social web by bloggers and on social networks.

The analysis looks at trends, themes and sentiments associated with these two IT firms over the period of one month (March 2010) It also has a representative recommendation section on how one of the firms can leverage the social web to build its employment brand.

Please note for confidentiality’s sake all identifiable data has been masked.

We would be happy to share this analysis with people who’d like to explore such a study for their own organization. Do send me a mail to with the subject: Request for Employment Brand Analysis

Do also go through our corporate blog at to understand what we do 🙂

On the top 100 Influencers in HR list

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When I started blogging, I found out about John Sumser from the folks in the American Recruiting blogosphere. John was one of the voices that buyers of Recruiting and HR services listened to before they decided what tools to buy and deploy.

So I was kicked in 2005 when John chose out my blog for praise.

John is now on an ambitious venture, chronicling and understanding the 100 influencers in the HR domain. And I was again stunned and flattered when he said he wanted to profile me in the list 🙂

So we had a conversation on HR and India and US – and John quizzed me about my career and where I am headed.

So here’s John’s article on me at the top 100 Influencers site. Some other people whom I know (virtually 🙂 ) who have been profiled in the list so far are:

  1. Allan Schweyer
  2. Rob McIntosh
  3. David Manaster
  4. Steve Boese
  5. Wes Wu
  6. China Gorman
  7. Lance Haun

As for me, I’ll believe I am influential when traffic in Delhi stops to let me pass 😉

2020Social Looking for 2 Consultants

If you’re interested in a cutting edge career advising clients on how to leverage social technologies and communities for business growth, then we at 2020 Social (website, blog, Facebook page, Twitter) are looking for Consultants and Interns.

Here’s more about the openings

Consultant (1): Location- Ideally Mumbai, but also Delhi or Bangalore

Role: Develop the digital marketing strategy and define the business case for social applications and community platforms for consumer and media clients. Establish thought leadership in the domain of how Indian consumers engage with web, mobile and social technologies through blog posts, white papers and conference talks. Set up the Mumbai office for 2020 Social and establish and grow client relationships. Over a one year horizon, manage a team of 5-6 Associate Consultants and Analysts.

Skills: Consumer marketing, digital marketing, business consulting, business development.

Background: MBA from IIM or equivalent with 4-6 years of experience.

Reporting to: Gaurav

Consultant (1): Location: Ideally Delhi or Bangalore, but also Mumbai

Role: Define the functional requirements for social applications and community platforms for clients. Work with internal account managers/ project managers and external design firms/ development firms to ensure that projects are delivered in cost and on time. Simultaneously, find opportunities to productize these social applications and community platforms as proprietary white label solutions that can be re-used across multiple clients. Over a one year horizon, manage a team of 5-6 Associate Consultants, Analysts and Designers.

Skills: User experience design, product management, project management, familiarity with Drupal and Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Twitter/ OpenSocial APIs.

Background: IIT/ NID or equivalent with 6-8 years of experience.

Reporting to: Gaurav

To apply go to this site.