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future of networks

Why do some social media and online groups succeed when so many others fail?  How do different collections of online media and populations of authors and users differ from one another?  How do network patterns of contribution vary? How do these differences illustrate the roles people play within their communities? How can I visualize and optimize my networks to assure success with social media?

Please accept this invitation and discount registration to the next Bay Area Network (formerly the KM Cluster) leadership retreat and action/research workshop –

Social Media Network Analysis:
Next Practices in Social Network Analysis, Tools and Media

Friday 30 April 2010, 8:30am – 5:00pm
Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, California USA

future of networks

Social media, communities and collaboration are defined by dynamic network structure. The success of social media is determined by underlying social networks. Success is not determined by technology, applications or social networking sites. Social networks are the complex, omnipresent foundation of all social media, communities and collaboration. Comprehension is critical.  

Social media network analysis visualizes, interprets and optimizes the complex network patterns and flows of social media, online communities and enterprise collaboration. Comprehension and mastery of social media network analysis fundamentally advances the success of applied social media and achieves the most favorable outcomes.      

Network patterns of contribution and connection determines social media success. Visualizing these network patterns aids implementation, adoption, security and effectiveness of social media. In the workshop, a range of pervasive Internet social media including Facebook, discussion groups, Twitter, enterprise collaboration, communities-of-practice, blogs and email are presented, analyzed and visualized. Comprehensive network patterns are explored to illustrate the scope of variation among applications and between types of contributors. These patterns reveal steps to achieve continuous success with social media, communities of practice and enterprise collaboration. 

Like the spreadsheet in the 1980s, the process diagram of the 1990s, social graphs and network analyses are the critical tools of 21st Century organizations, economies, the environment and civil society. Mastery of social media network analysis is critical to comprehension, performance and prosperity in all the new economies.  

future of networks
Support Visual Complexity

The Social Media Network Analysis (SMNA) workshop is practical, hands-on, low-cost and high-value. SMNA is highly germane to commercial concerns, the enterprise, non-profit organizations, small/medium sized companies, startups, investors, consultants and entrepreneurs. Your SNMA workshop is a small-group, close-in configuration of authentic conversation, hands-on experience, skill development and participant collaboration. It is designed for all levels. All are welcome.

future of networks

The Future of Networks  is the action/research successor to the Knowledge Management Clusters (KM Clusters.) It took a long time, but now, finally, KM is about connection not collection. The Future of Networks continues the long KM Cluster tradition of future-focused practice excellence, aka, Next Practices©.

Besides your Bay Area Network, new action/research networks are sprouting up everywhere. Please see your popular Texas Network for "Next Practices in KM, Social Networks and Web 2.0" on 23 April 2010.

Secure, discount check-in for the Social Media Network Analysis workshop is open and filling up fast. Registration includes meals, parking, refreshments, materials, Wi-Fi access, reception, group workspace and discounts.

Continuous skill development and relationships are critical to success. They are even more important under tough economic conditions. Low-cost Action/research clusters equip you with tools, methods and key relationships to achieve far greater competitiveness under all economic conditions. Besides, it is important to put the social back in social media and networks! 



The Future of Networks
San Francisco, California USA

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