The awesome part of working in a Social Business Strategy firm

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Quite a few folks ask me about my transition from HR and HR consulting to the new emergent field of Social Business Strategy – and ask me “How is this stuff different than a regular job?”

So here are my top few non-serious responses that I give them:

·         It’s a workplace where if I say I love “RSS” I won’t be mistaken for a Sangh parivar member J

·         Browsing the internet actually does count as work 😉

·         Updating your Twitter account 24 times in 8 hours gets classified as “building a pipeline”

·         Writing a blog post on is a KRA

·         We have a room full of cushions and bolsters – which is bathed in sunlight – called an ideation room. We’re still waiting for an idea that can be monetized, however 😉

·         The whiteboards are covered with cartoons and doodles – and actually facilitate brainstorming

·         We work alternate Saturdays – and get compensated for that with some great beer and wine along with a free lunch (which is hotly debated over for 2 hours!)

·         Our CEO is India’s best business blogger and our Consulting Director is the author of a bestselling book on Social Media and a ClickZ columnist! When we’re not pulling their leg or they pulling ours – we actually end up learning tonnes of exciting things

So are you jealous?

You should be!

D’you want to be here ?

Go here then

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