Naukri says: Hiring Activity in India up in July


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Monthly Update of Naukri JobSpeak – July ‘09

§ The Naukri JobSpeak index at 727, is 1.3% up in July ‘09 over June ’09

§ Mumbai, Delhi – NCR and Hyderabad saw a marginal increase in hiring activity in July ’09 over June’09

§ Hiring activity was  up in Pharma and Auto by over 10% in July’09 as compared to June ‘09

§ Hiring activity in the IT industry went up marginally while Real Estate and Retail saw a significant increase

§ Hiring activity picked up most for professionals with over 8 years of work experience

New Delhi, Aug 18, 2009: The Naukri Job index continued to move upwards. The index edged up by 1.3% backed by a slight improvement in hiring activity in IT-Software and BPO industries. The index scaled to 727 in July’09 as compared to 718 in June ‘09. On a three monthly moving average, the index inched up from 686 in June ‘09 to 703 in July ‘09. Industries that have seen an improvement in the Three Month Moving Average for two consecutive months include Real Estate, Semiconductors, Banking, Auto and IT.

“The uptrend over consecutive months is encouraging. Improvement in hiring activity in lagging industries, such as IT, Real Estate, Retail and Auto, echoes optimism. However, continued increases in hiring activity over the next few months will indicate a turnaround in economic activity and in hiring,” said Sumeet Singh, National Head – Marketing and Communications, Info Edge.

Among cities, Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad saw an improvement, while Bangalore, Chennai and Pune saw a dip, in hiring activity. Hiring was up in Pharma, Auto and IT industry. July ’09 witnessed an increase in demand for people with over 8 years of work experience.

City wise Analysis: Mumbai and Delhi saw a marginal pick up in hiring activity

Of the top 13 cities, 5 cities including Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad recorded an increase in hiring activity in July ‘09 as compared to June ’09. While most of the other cities saw a marginal drop in hiring activity. Delhi-NCR saw hiring activity move up by 7% in July ’09 as compared to June ’09. Hiring activity in Mumbai picked up for a second consecutive month, albeit marginally by 3%. Hiring activity in Bangalore, Chennai and Pune were down by 4%, 6% and 1% respectively.

Industry Analysis: Hiring activity in the IT industry remained in the green as well as Retail, Real Estate and Auto picked up

Hiring activity remained stable across most industries in July ‘09 as compared to June ‘09. IT industry remained in the green with hiring activity up by 4% in IT-Software, 7% up in IT-Hardware and Networking and 3% up in ITeS and BPO. Hiring activity continued to soar in Pharma and Biotech industry, with the index up by 10%. Indicating some revival, hiring activity in Auto and Auto Ancillary, Real Estate and Retail, went up by 11%, 16% and 10% respectively.

Hiring activity in Telecom saw a dip of 10%in July ‘09 as compared to June ‘09.

Functional Area / Department

Hiring activity was marginally affected across departments in July ‘09 as compared to June ‘09. Sales and Business Development professionals and Accountancy professionals saw hiring activity inch up by 4% and 5% respectively. Hiring went up marginally in IT – Software by 4%. There seemed some emphasis in hiring in Engineering Design: Research and Development where hiring went up by 16%.

On a continued uptrend, demand went up by 2% for hospitality professionals with the index at an all-time high at 1083.

Index of Total Jobs

On Total Jobs(this includes refreshed jobs), the index moved down by 1.8% from 818 in June‘09 to 802 in July ‘09. According to the Total Jobs Index, the index peaked in Sep’08 at 1004 and bottomed in Dec’08 at 739, so far.


The index has been calculated based on job listings added to the site month on month. July 2008 has been taken as the base month with a score of 1000 and the subsequent monthly index is compared with data for July 2008. Data has been sourced from and it reflects job listings and therefore hiring trends on the site. Jobs have been categorized by location, functional area, industry, experience bucket. The index has been analyzed across Cities/ Functional Area – Deptt / Industry verticals. The report (produced monthly) shows hiring trends across industry sectors, geography and functional areas. More than 34000 national and international clients used in 2008-2009, leading to high reliability of data.


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  1. Naukri uses the the number of job postings as an indicator of trends.

    It is interesting to probe-if these increased number came from fresh postings/new users? Most corporates and recruiting firms have annual packages-and so the cost of an incremental posting isnt very significant.

    In contrast, I would go by the thickness of the ‘appointments’ supplement in the print media..where every square inch is PAID for!!

    As a recruiter, I feel most companies are using job postings to test the quality/price of available talent, essentially to benchmark -and retain their own inhouse talent. One should remember most companies had revised salaries downward-late last year-in a bid to control costs.

    I feel most professional companies would first take care of their employees, and reward them before going to buy talent from the market place.

    The patient is no longer sick perhaps. It will take a lot more time, endurance, stamina,before he starts running the marathon :-)!

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