People whose life changed due to blogging

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Got featured in the Mail Today feature on the weblog turning 10 years old along with folks like Amit Agarwal, Rajesh Lalwani, Dina Mehta, Gaurav Mishra (here’s his post on the story), Kiruba Shankar, Twilight Fairy and Nikhil Pahwa

Feature on the Blog turning 10


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Gautam is a HR professional interested in how emerging technologies are impacting work, careers and organizations.

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  1. Hi Gautham,

    Thanks for linking, and wonderful place you have here. Congratulations.

  2. Great achievement, congrats!

  3. somebody have said “if u don’t have opportunities, create them”

    Many bloggers are creative genius guys but they don’t find the mediums to prove it. Blogging has done that.
    I too was on HT City some days back featuring my post of Nescafe demolition at IIT Delhi.

    Blogging is a fun stress-releasing activity which do changes the author…totally agree


  4. Congrats Gautam! Well deserved recognition … and it has all been quality stuff too!

  5. dear friends

    Thanks a lot for your best wishes!

  6. Terrific!

    Each and everyone of those bloggers are amazing! 🙂

    Thanks Gautam.. and I love reading your blog too!

  7. gurprrietsiingh

    Well deserved, Gautam. If they’d asked me, I would’ve told them how you have always been my guru on technology!

    How do you plan to celebrate this?

  8. Many congratulations on this mention, Gautam. Your blog is always awesome to read!

  9. Hi Gautham,

    Truly blogging has become a powerful medium for expression, but the biggest challenge is to continue blogging. Congrats, way to go!

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