Young Women Business Leaders and the recession

THE recession is bringing out the steel in this year’s list of 35 women under 35 – the youngest of whom is only 19. They excel in every sector, from commercial real estate to cosmetics. Unafraid to knuckle down and make tough decisions, these high achievers’ fierce determination to succeed makes them stand out.

A lot can happen in a year. The optimism of last year has given way to seriousness. Too young to have learnt from the last recession, the women on the list have found themselves in the business deep end without armbands – even more reason to celebrate their exceptional success. If you can make it now, you can make it any time.

Interesting article on how 35 women under 35 are coming to grips with the recession.

Of course, male business leaders face the same issue, but the point this article makes is that we should celebrate these achievements too


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