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The best CEO coaches offer more than mere crisis counseling, functioning instead like a personal trainer in a gym. Their
principle mission is to keep CEO clients healthy, alert, positive and operating at the top of their game. But it’s not a role that just anyone can play. Though directors can help with specific situation-based advice and may even be personally capable of coaching, it is really not their role to get personally involved in the details of a CEO’ s job. If they did, they could not maintain objectivity when considering company performance issues.

When a board decides to move ahead and bring a CEO coach in, how should it proceed? Should a board hire such a coach or should it get its CEO to do the hiring? While CEO coaches are retained in various ways, the most effective way is for the board to tell its CEO they’d like him to search out a coach for himself. They should discuss with the CEO why they think coaching would be valuable and then talk through characteristics they would like the coach to have. Beyond that, the CEO should be turned loose and allowed to choose their own coach, and it’s typical practice for the CEO coach’s services to be built in to the CEO’s compensation agreement.

CEO or executive coaches are now commonplace in organizations because CEOs recognize the demands and stress of the job require it. Smart CEOs understand their longevity and success may depend on a dynamic and productive partnership with a coach.

As a friend who is a coach said to me – organizations are places where people don’t talk without prior agendas – so people are tired and sick of trying to act out roles all the time.

A really effective Coach would be a person an executive can really be himself/herself and look at possibilities of rejuvenation and development.


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