Is your social media lingo up to date?

Sample entries include: Astroturfing: Trying to cheat the online community by creating a fake grassroots ‘buzz’ around a product, service or event. Some companies will get their people to pretend to be advocates or pay a blogger to say nice things but they should beware, most communities will see straight through you and the backlash can be destructive.

Blog storm or ‘swarm’: This is when a huge number of blog entries suddenly appear around a particular event or topic. John Sargeant’s woefully endearing per- formancon Strictly Come Dancing caused a ‘blog storm’ that dwarfed the activity around 9/11. Blog storms now regularly force stories into mainstream media.

Dooced: (v.) To slag off your employer and lose your job as a result. Named after Heather Armstrong (blog name Dooce) who was fired in 2002 for shouting her mouth off.

Easter Eggs: (1) All packaging and no chocolate, (2) Secret messages or graphics hidden in a computer program for a bit of a joke.

Flicktion: A collection of pictures on Flickr accompanied by short stories. Hat Tip: A public acknowledgement to someone (or a website) for bringing something to the blogger’s attention. Kitty Blog: A pointless blog.

A new jargon busting guide gets released.

let the madness begin.

The sure sign of a field maturing is the appearance of Jargon!


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