The Lenovo Blogger Meet, Delhi

Yesterday Lenovo invited some bloggers to the All Sports Bar at Connaught Place at Delhi. The purpose was to showcase some of Lenovo’s new products

The piece de resistance was this beauty

It’s what Lenovo calls an All In One, a desktop PC, gaming device, VOIP device and can also be turned into a TV.

It looks great too.

The only issue that we saw was that the touchpad was located to the right of the keyboard, and which would make it tough for any left handers who wanted to use the mouse touchpad.

The netbook range was also great, which you can see me handling in this pic (twilightfairy is on my left). The netbook was light, came in cute colors and has a battery backup of 6 hours!

Perfect for people who work a lot on the cloud and use the PC for basic computing only.

Check the tweets of the event with the hashtag #LBM

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