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I think what makes Twitter work for a lot of us is its brevity.

I think that’s the big point.

Lots of other things – the fact that you don’t have to access it using the browser, but can do so with apps running in the background.

The fact that it is easy to follow and unfollow – without the complications of Facebook ‘friends’ is a big plus.

At the delhi blogger meet we realised that people were doing a lot of stuff on twitter which they were earlier doing through blogging. Like sharing links and discussing on common shared events.

For me, the big difference is that connecting with others is much easier on twitter than via blogs. I can connect with blogger friends who have moved to twitter as well as follow new people. Mostly my twitter buddies are people I have not known well via blogs.

The real time discussion over current events: like Mumbai bomb blasts, Indian election, IPL do something much more than "share news" – it forms a virtual ‘adda’ for people to debate and share information on. Sometimes these contexts are important for people as otherwise conversations can often suffer from a perceived lack of context 


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  1. Yes, a lot of things which we did using blogs can be done easily with twitter. Well, it has to be so, because twitter is a micro-blogging service. Blogging in less than 140 words that is twitter all about. Because of that, you tend to be to the point and express your thoughts briefly. Twitter has evolved in it’s uses. It is today a blog promotion facility too. Sharing links and news, twitter is indeed how a micro blogging service should have been.

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