Share Presentations With Your Social Networks and embed them into PR releases

Interesting moves by Slideshare. Especially the move to integrate presentations into Press Releases.

Wonder which firm would be first to leverage that in their release

3x Your Social Media Audience

Do you have great presentations or docs that you want to share with your contacts outside of SlideShare? We just relaunched our Facebook App–now when you publish on SlideShare you instantly publish on Facebook and vice versa. Throw in the SlideShare LinkedIn App and it’s a social media bonanza.

Once you add the SlideShare apps on LinkedIn & Facebook, upload your presentation to one platform, it’ll show on the other two. At SlideShare, we like to call this the ‘Holy Triad’ of professional social media.

As per tradition, we have a presentation to walk you through our new Facebook App. Go here to install SlideShare Facebook App, (Don’t forget to become a fan!) and here to install the SlideShare LinkedIn app.

Finally, some Interesting Press Releases

Do press releases make you yawn? Us too. It’s great to finally see Online PR News allowing slideshare embeds in press releases to liven up press releases.

Why write a hackneyed press release when you can spice it up with a rich presentation telling the story of your product or users.

A few tips on using SlideShare in press releases.

1.     Make the first slide enticing

2.     Keep it short on a press release, 15 slide max

3.     It’s ok to be a tease. Reporters will call for details

4.     Big fonts, informative graphics, short sentences

Subscribe to Content You Care About

You can subscribe to any of the thousands of keywords on SlideShare that interest you. When you subscribe, we’ll send one weekly email with the top presentations for your keyword(s).

Subscribe to keywords such as ‘innovation‘ and ‘wordpress‘  or subscribe to an entire category (e.g, Health & Medicine).

You can find the subscribe option on the right hand side of tag & category pages. Find a tag by going to[your-tag-here]. For example education tag is at


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  1. Glad you like the Slideshare embedding on Online PR News! I LOVE Slideshare and I love press releases — so it seemed like a perfect combination. I agree… why do people think PRs need to be boring?!? They are a great way to get the word out about new things and with all of the cool features like video embedding and images and links, you can really make create some lively press releases once you start to think outside the box 😉

    ~ Christine

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