How do I market my blog

Someone asked me how I market my blog…
This is what I conveyed:
The best thing that has made me market my blog is writing good content and leveraging Blog Carnivals (they were all the rage in 2004-06) to get a dedicated readership
Offering email subscription (apart from RSS) via Feedburner is also a great option for people who are not RSS savvy and like their subscriptions the good old fashioned way.
So if you're interested in areas like Jobs, Careers and HR you can sign up for my HR blog subscription here
Heh, I just marketed it again – Leveraging email communities to get the word out about your blog is an effective way. 
And just adding the URL to your email signature should also get the word out.
And if you're on Facebook you can set up a system so that your blog posts get imported as notes that your facebook friends can read right there.
Oops, I marketed my this blog too!

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