Competencies of a Blogger

A friend asked via email.

do u have a list of competencies to certify someone on their proficiency in creating and managing a Blog?

I need this at the earliest. This is purely for internal process compliance. I am championing Blog initiatives within [company name]

So being a lazy bum who belives that the community is smarter than him I asked my Twitter folks and this is what they said

patrickallmond@gautamghosh Creativity. Fearlessness. Responsiveness. One thing to not look for: A good writer.

rkartha@gautamghosh I think a good blogger should be logical, should take a stand & be able to provide wider perspective on the subject! Agree?

rajeshblue@gautamghosh Strong nose to smell, sturdy fingers to type and the willingness live with being taken lightly for a least..

abhishekrungta@gautamghosh A good blogger should be able to deliver concise and high quality insight on a given topic with a decent narrative to keep 

HemantM@gautamghosh Compassion and empathy I think. Makes a hell lot of difference if you connect with what you blog. It shows. IMO 🙂

What are the competencies you think a blogger should have?

Of course, the competencies of a blogger would be different depending on the purpose and objective of the  blog. But the above advice hold true in most cases. However as someone DMed me on twitter writing ability is still important.


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  1. I guess blogging is a lot about interactivity too. You connect with people on a personal level. Compassion and curiosity, yes. and an urge to express. A good blogger usually is always open to discussion and has a genuine will to share his thoughts and feelings, which is sooo beautiful:) On the other had, just good wirting skills (on whteva parameters) can be so irrelevant to the spirit of blogging.

  2. Hi Gautam,

    I think in order for anything to be sustainable, it has to be natural. Anyone can create a blog, it’s maintaining one that is difficult.

    I think people who are naturally wired to blog have the following characteristics: conviction, curiousity, responsiveness, ability to make connections between a variety of disparate issues/items. Also, they must enjoy writing and researching. And finally, they should be good at writing captivating headlines.


    Michelle Malay Carter

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