Companies that have never laid off employees. Ever!

Interesting article about 9 US companies that have never laid off employees. 

What do they do?

Some examples:

  1. Nugget Market – In troubled times when the company anticipates it will need fewer workers, it stops replacing employees who leave voluntarily.
  2. Devon Energy has been able to avoid layoffs by making sure it keeps costs low during economic downturns and booms alike.
  3. At Aflac – Options like telecommuting and flex schedules — programs which resulted from employee suggestions — have helped streamline the organization and save millions of dollars.
  4. QuikTrip is privately held, allowing it to pour profits back into stores instead of divvying them up among shareholders. 
  5. Container Store has avoided layoffs in this economy by freezing salaries and keeping a watchful eye on the balance sheet. Famous for its “open door” communication-driven culture, Container Store asked employees to do all they could to ensure the company’s strength during a tough retail climate.
  6. NuStar Energy has avoided cuts even as other oil and gas companies are experiencing layoffs, by managing costs and constantly looking for ways to improve profits.
  7. Stew Leonard – The privately held grocery chain doesn’t have to focus on quarterly earnings, allowing it to weather economic downturns and rising food prices without resorting to layoffs. 
  8. Scottrade is a privately held company with a conservative growth strategy, there’s room for flexibility and a strong focus on the happiness — and longevity — of employees
  9. Since Publix is 100% employee-owned, it prides itself that “owners never want to lay off other owners.” Nearly 6,000 of the company’s “associates” have made a career at Publix, having served 20 years or more

So I guess if you don’t want to be laid off – work with a privately owned firm that is fiscally conservative


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  1. A good list. It would be interesting to create a India list on similar lines?

  2. Hi Gautam,

    Indeed an interesting list.

    What comes out very clear from this compilation that privately held companies are more accountable, careful and may be a little bit conservative. When companies go public, they start living quarter to quarter and take decisions and actions which is not in interest of the company or employees in the long run.

    So, private enterprises clearly win here.


    P.S.: You missed my company’s name!

  3. Wendy Van Vechten

    We have always been impressed with Stew Leonard’s and only regret that they are not nationwide. They are AWESOME.

  4. Actually, the tweet is here:

  5. Great list Gautam. And good insight on the privately owned aspect. I tweeted about it here:

    Companies that have never laid off employees 1 minute ago from web

    Bill Austin

  6. excellent list. When looking to see who to do business with – it would make sense to chose one that values the employee.

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