Resumebucket a new site for job hunting?

  Is the world ready for another site to hunt for a job? Well Resumebucket seems to think so. They sent me an email stating:

We have features that set us apart from other job sites include:

1. Upload your resume and create your own profile, complete with unique URL, in 20 seconds: .

2. Search other resumes to find like-minded individuals like yourself for new projects, internal hiring needs, etc.

3. Search Jobs relevant to your resume, through use of America’s largest job feed.

4. View metrics on your profile – who is looking at you, and how often?

5. Revolutionary SEO tactics that allow your resume to rise to the top of web searches on all popular search engines, allowing you more visibility in your geographic area and your professional area of expertise.

And the best part… everything is free, to all users!

So I did not have a resume ready and I thought I’d create one, but the process is not quite as painless. Millions of fields to fill and pages to navigate 😦 

I personally don’t know how they plan to be profitable if they want it to be free for all users and people’s resumes can be read by anyone…Advertising? 

I hope they do well, but as the question was – is the world ready for another site? And yes, it’s most relevant to US job hunters – and if you have used it I’d like to know how it works. For someone in India like me, it’s obviously not too useful


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  1. Hi Gautam,

    We’re working hard on the monetization aspect, but we don’t plan to do it at the expense of our users.

    It’s never that easy to build a resume through a wizard, but if you have a resume already, we make it as simple as possible to publish your resume to ResumeBucket and begin sharing it with whoever you’d like.

    I’m not sure why our site wouldn’t be useful to people across the globe — we have users in many countries that have posted their resumes and shared them with potential employers.

    So, thanks for checking out our site. I hope the world is ready for us =)


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