7 Social Media Predictions for India in 2009

Gaurav recently posted on the trends he sees for social media in 2009. He’s also invited others (including me !) to think and write about it.

Here’s my list of what I see emerging in 2009 as far as social media is concerned.

  1. Social Media being embraced in a lot more comprehensive way by organizations and celebrities. While it has been only about blogging, I hope organizations start engaging with users and consumers over communities/fan pages on Facebook and by Twittering. How cool would it be, if say Nokia, gets Priyanka Chopra or Airtel gets Shah Rukh Khan to start Twittering?
  2. Gaurav posted on this, but big media (at least some of them) seem to be rushing to embrace citizen journalism (I know, the phrase makes me cringe!) and some like DNA on Twitter are actually engaging in conversations.
  3. Geo-tagging of content through Blogs and Tweets might get utilised by small media outlets to deliver local content to readers. I mean if a local paper had connected with the Delhi Bloggers’ Heritage Walk yesterday think of the amazing story it could have made for a weekend supplement.
  4. Tweets and Facebook groups like VoteYatra and websites like Jaagore will impact a small population, and GenNext of Indian politicians will try to get their message across “via the internets” but fail miserably. India is not yet ready for a geeky PM. 
  5. Government 2.0 is therefore a long way away from 2009. e-Seva is the most that we can get right now.
  6. More and more authors will tap into social media to publicise their books. And it will not be merely bloggers turned authors, or publishing houses sending press releases to literary bloggers, but more and more authors with small publishers who will realise that for marketing and building awareness they can do it through social media
  7. With slowdown affecting everybody social media will become more and more important to build employment brands and hire people as well as a tool to search for jobs.

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About Gautam

Gautam is a HR professional interested in how emerging technologies are impacting work, careers and organizations.

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  1. @Sampad: That’s what consultants do. 🙂

    @Gautam: I agree with #4 & #5, but we will see baby steps in 2009.

  2. @Gautam Interesting post I must say!

    But was wondering about the “Call me at this number!” 😛


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