Job Shedding

When we visited Kolkata (then, Calcutta) in my childhood, we were familiar with a term called Load Shedding. That meant, that West Bengal didn’t have energy to meet the demand from the city and therefore we all would be subjected to powercuts for a couple of hours (if we were lucky) every day.

Seems like that age old affliction has stricken in a new way the MNC firms – first there was news of Amex cutting jobs including in India, and now comes the news that Nokia is slashing jobs too, though the number is not like Amex.

On a slightly different trip Michael Dell asks his employees to cut costs by taking unpaid vacation.


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  1. Coming in terms with ” Layoff” for the “on bench” and “new joinee’s”, we have still not focused our concern on the thousands of newbee’s who rejoiced the campus selections a while ago but have become the unwarrented victim to recession only to wait for calls from them.

  2. Yeah job cuts in India is going on very silently, without much hype, Specially in IT sector mostly ‘on Bench’ are facing the disappointment. Big brands along with several small organizations have been trying to cut their cost which involves sacking employees playing major role in cost cutting,, few examples are TCS, Satyam, Wipro, Accenture, Perot Systems, Cadence, Quark, … and the list goes on…

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