Twitter says maybe to Open Micro blogging standards


Twitter is at risk of the same fate AOL and Compuserve met.  As a closed network, they may be big, but as smaller open networks come about that can all communicate with each other, there is a chance that those networks as a whole could outgrow Twitter itself.

It appears Twitter may just be learning from AOL’s mistakes however.  In a bug report posted last July in the Twitter Development Bug tracking system there is an issue titled “OpenMicroblogging Support”.  The user, “4braham“, posted it, suggesting “Support for the OpenMicroBlogging specification would allow for Twitter

users to follow users of other microblogging services.”  Alex Payne, API Lead for Twitter, responded, saying, “Sure, someday, after it sees some adoption.”  Then, in August, he added, “Changing this to ‘Accepted’ just so it doesn’t jump out at me when I’m scanning for new issues. It’s going to be

some time before work on this begins, though.”  So it would appear that Twitter very much has plans and interest to join the OpenMicroblogging effort.  You can login and click the “star” for the issue here to vote for it if you think this is something important for them to integrate.


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