Blogging visibility using Linkedin apps

I’ve earlier blogged about using apps on Facebook to build your blog’s visibility.

Well, now linkedin has built in Apps using Google’s OpenSocial platform, and two of those apps are great to get your blog visibility to your Linkedin network.

The first is Blog Link, by Six Apart, which pulls in the latest blog posts from your networks’ blogs.

Then there’s WordPress Linkedin App which syncs your WordPress blog posts on your Linkedin profile.Of course the catch is that your blog should be on WordPress.

Take a look at my Linkedin profile here to see how these two apps work there.

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  1. How can you assist me in expanding my site for greater exposure How do I link up to this?

  2. Hi Guatam,

    I’m going to blog on this as well (I’m a LinkedIn trainer via live events and webinars) and I think this is an interesting app. I’m curious to how users are going to respond.

    I’ve also linked my blog posts (yesterday) but haven’t gotten any comments yet.

    Great content on your blog!

    All the best,

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