What would the Android mean for Social Media

T-Mobile’s HTC Dream phone, the first to run on Google’s Mobile OS Android – debuted. As this review on Gizmodo shows it seems a good enough thing. Not spectacular. Not breakthrough on the consumer front, but a big deal because it breaks the monopoly of Windows Mobile, Symbian et al.

I think it’s important because the next battelground for the internet is going to be the cell phone. And Google needs to be in some position to take on Microsoft where it can hurt it. Let’s face it, there’s no way Google Docs can compete with Office 2003 (forget 2007!) and Chrome is a long way away from dislodging IE. 

So getting onto mobile is a strategic move for Google. It gets to take on Apple’s dominance in the US smartphone market, as well as Microsoft in the rest of the world. As Vint Cerf mentioned in Hyderabad:

Cerf’s contention was that the further growth of the internet would be in the domain of the mobile phone and the majority of the new users will first experience the internet through that device, which is quite different from PDAs and laptops and therefore has implications and challenges for application providers like Google.

He showed another slide which showed that Asia is the largest proportion of internet users. “As Asia’s influence online increases, the languages, applications, demographics and economics of the internet will be impacted by what you and your countrymen in India and other Asian countries deem interesting”

So what’s the effect it will have on social media. Well some interesting trends I can visualise already:

YouTube integration means this OS would be able to handle the load of video much better than others.

Google Maps and mashups apps would add an interesting geographical twist to mobile social networking, think of a Twitter mashups that shows yout twitter followers near you by proximity and you can @reply and set up a face to face meeting.

How it gets rolled out to GSM markets like India and China would be crucial to the success of the OS.


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