Socialmedian goes beta

Lots of new goodies at S|M:

  • Anyone and everyone will now be able to use socialmedian without an invite code
  • New homepage for unregistered users
  • Instantly Tweet any news story from socialmedian on Twitter. Just click the “share” button from any story.
  • A vastly improved News Network creation
    tool which will make it easy for anyone to create a well-functioning
    News Network. (Note: If you have created a News Network during the
    alpha you will get a special email from us later today regarding the
  • Major improvements to how we search for stories in News Networks (now live!)
  • Major improvements to location-based News Networks (now live!)
  • New guided setup for new users (now live!)
  • Follow other users as Newsmakers and get your news through them, (and get followed yourself) (now live!)
  • Invite Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail contacts to join your News Networks
  • A new “noise level” meter for each news
    network — each individual can set their own volume level for a
    particular news network to customize how much or little noise you want
    to allow in. We launched this for people who create news networks
    today. This will be fully in place for all users by end of week.
  • Add descriptions, pictures, and welcome messages to your News Networks to help other people decide whether to join
  • Easily link your favorite sites to your socialmedian profile (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, FriendFeed, etc.).


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