Escalators are for kissing

Bhavna lists her favourite Finn anecdotes, and gets to the Finnish in some time
(sorry couldn’t resist that pun!)

Escalators are for kissing… Finns are not big on public display of affection (atleast when sober). But there is something exceptional about escalators, especially those from a subway platform. It’s on those that they feel this strong urge to kiss their partners…. Just something I see 🙂

How they say ‘plus’ before saying the temperature as if it is such a rarity :). Like my favourite one, it’s plus 40 in Delhi in summer. Well it could not have been minus 40 right? I am so used to the minus being out of the ordinary that I would say it’s 10 degrees, not plus 10… In my head it is the Finnish twist to the metric system. The default is that temperature will be below freezing, so if it is ‘plus’ it deserves a super special mention. It’s like we Indians saying, it was MINUS 2 at night in Chandigarh… Perspectives, perspectives…

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  1. heh. I hope your office doesn’t ban my URL 🙂

  2. hey Gautam… nice to see this linked with your site…
    I didn’t know you site has so much content… looks like the next few hours at office not going to be too productive 😀

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