Not too many jobs in Mumbai?

IBN website has this article Want a job? Be in Bangalore, Delhi not Mumbai

It’s raining bad news for those seeking jobs. According to an employment outlook report, companies are reluctant to hire in the period between July and September due to inflation and the oil price hike.

The report prepared by by staffing company Teamlease says while there’s a dip in the hiring intention of telecom and financial service sectors, retail, media and FMCG are likely to maintain their hiring pace from the last quarter.

The silver lining is the ITES and the BPO sector, which are likely to get a boost with many projects coming into India.

“US recession coming in this year is going to have an impact on the ITES sector on the postive side, given that most outsourcing deals will get cut through and getting outsourced to India,” says Vice-President Teamlease, Sampath Shetty.

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