Why don’t they get it?

Man! Some people don’t ever get the point.

I have uploaded some of my presentations to Slideshare a cool site to share slideshows. Now there is an option where I can make the slideshows available to people to be downloadable.

I have chosen not to exercise that option. I have my reasons.

And yet, I get comment after comment on my presentations asking me to email my slides to so and so email id.

Dudes, don’t you get it?

Let me spell it out for you. I.  D.O. N.O.T. W.A.N.T. Y.O.U. T.O. D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D. M.Y. S.L.I.D.E.S. There!

If you want my slides, what do you have to offer me in return?


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Gautam is a HR professional interested in how emerging technologies are impacting work, careers and organizations.

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