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Got this mail from Jason Goldberg about new developments at s|m, where I am an alpha user. Would you want an invite to check out SocialMedian? Leave a comment below or send me an email at

First five members will get an invite to participate as a alpha user.

Here are just some of the new features shipped today.  (there’s too many to list them all – happy discovering all of them)

  1. Auto-complete when adding sources.  Just start typing a source name →  No need to input the RSS feed name anymore (unless we don’t yet have that source in our database).
  2. We’re now starting to group sources in parent-child relationships.  As an example, this will enable you to just add the source “BBC” for every BBC feed, instead of having to enter their feeds for each of sports, news, markets, etc.  This should be fully operational in just a few days.
  3. There’s now an “About socialmedian” section of the site where you can learn about socialmedian the product, the story, and the company.
  4. FAQ’s (see anything missing here?  Please let us know)
  5. Clips are now counted like votes.  Whenever you “clip” a story, it’s like voting for it, saving it to your page, and telling other people you think this story is worth ready —  all at once.
  6. We’re starting to tidy up the design a bit.  Check out your homepage and I think you’ll see what I mean.
  7. We’ve renamed “Hot List” to be “My News Feed”.  My News Feed displays your personally relevant news based on the News Networks you belong to.  Every user of the site has a uniquely personalized My News Feed.
  8. Whenever you take an action on socialmedian, we now post your latest activity at the top of your My News Feed.  Try clipping a story and then refreshing your home page and you’ll see this in action.
  9. We’ve now RSS enabled My News Feed, My Clips, and all News Network Pages, so you can get a live feed anywhere of your personalized news (My News Feed), stories you have clipped (Clips), and the most popular and/or recent stories from any News Network.
  10. We’ve done considerable work to reduce duplications in My News Feed.  You should no longer see the same story twice in your feed.
  11. Every user now has a mini socialmedian profile that they can edit and link to your profiles on other sites.  You can check out mine here.
  12. We fixed some minor bugs in the bookmarklet
  13. One-click to create a new News Network on any topic
  14. Edit and delete your comments
  15. Terms of service
  16. Privacy policy

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