Twitter is the new Linkedin?

To show off one’s connections on Linkedin was a popular sport some time back, until Linkedin clamped down on the display and just stuck it at 500+.

So I was reminded of those days when I came across this email on an email group on networking:

If you are on Twitter, I am open to exchanging Twitter names. I am on a mission to build my Twitter followers and the 200th one will receive a write-up on my blog, http://————– (rank in top 5 for “xxxxxxxxxx”; usually number 1). My Twitter name is in my signature below.

My suggestion? Ignore such people. They are not really interested in having conversations, but merely after a number to reflect their sense of self-worth.

You can find out more such blatant number-builders by going to and removing people you think are ‘bots’ or people really never interested in having a conversation.


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