Journalists, Bloggers and is there a difference?

Steve Rubel writes:

Tons of journalists are pulling double duty as bloggers. So, now can we kill the phrase "social media?" It’s irrelevant. Another moot phrase is "the social web." The web has always been social because that’s how people operate – as Chris Brogan notes. It’s just that the Internet can scale such social connections more than the offline world ever could.

Alas, there are no more boundaries any more between such "species." On the Internet, a cat is a dog is a Snuffleupagus. It’s all inbred. All media is social and all social is media. End of story. Whether content is created by the Pros or the Joes it all has influence, even if it’s small.

Looking at the ways in which the Indian media glorifies small time news items, who’s to say that the ramblings of a 23 year old on the internet is not a part of "media"?

Meanwhile the Sans Serif blog reports:

The Capital Times of Madison, Wisconsin, has ceased ink-and-paper publication and become a 24×7×365 fullfledged 21st century internet operation since Monday, writes Roy Greenslade.

“That’s the spirit. That’s the future. That’s how it is going to be. Not everywhere at once. Not right away in every American city. Not next week in any British city. And, looking at the situation here in Australia, not in the next decade here. It’s all about the realisation that the screen is edging aside ink-on-paper journalism.”


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  1. Hi Chris,

    So true. And ultimately it’s the readers who decide what is useful and what is not. Currently they are voting with their clicks in favour of whatever blogs/newspapers/news-websites meet their needs!

  2. Hi Gautam- I think you’re right on the money here. And here’s something perhaps provocative, but equally true: while people are arguing over whether or not journalism and blogging are similar, we’re just going ahead and doing it. We’re making media, and though it’s not as professionally rounded as journalism, it conveys information that others might use. Accurate? Not always. Best? Unlikely. But useful? Yes!

    Great points.

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