Forbes goes the social way

After The McKinsey Quarterly seems to have gone the social way:

Highlights include:

  • An enhanced Top Story box, with five rotating news stories and larger photos
  • Easier access to Special Reports and our franchise lists, which are now featured just below the Top Story
  • Both Top Rated stories and Most Popular stories, as well as Reader Comments, are now featured prominently
  • Each of the nine channels has four headlines visible on the home page at any given time
  • The Video Network is now available full screen, with a bar that allows users to fast forward and rewind videos and directly access FVN’s main page
  • The Stock Picking Community, CEO Network, and “What We’re Reading” (ClipMarks) are featured
  • The Attache now appears on the top right hand corner of the page, with an easy to expand and contract format
  • Markets data and the Market Brief feature are featured in the center column
  • The Breaking News template enables us to react quickly and visibly to news
  • In addition to and, and are now featured on the home page

Check out the new home page at, and the editor’s note about the redesign here.


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