Challenges for HR in India

According to an article in Businessworld

except for a handful of cases, HR in corporate India hasn’t been able
to shake off its traditional role of a support function focused on
labour relations and hiring. According to estimates by HR consultants,
less than 3 per cent of HR heads in India sit on the boards of their
companies. Even fewer seek a role in strategic planning and execution,
though this is slowly changing.

Unfortunately, corporates are already beginning to hit a roadblock in
such capacity building. Their big challenge is in managing the
aspirations of the 20-somethings just 2-3 years into their careers. HR
specialists are worried that this generation considers 35-50 per cent
annual salary hikes as its right. According to Dhirendra Shantilal,
Asia-pacific head of Kelly Services, the world’s fourth largest
recruitment company, “The cost of hiring in India has almost doubled
across all industries in the past three years.” But efficiency isn’t
keeping pace. A survey by Kelly Services last year concluded that
people efficiency in India was barely 50-60 per cent against a global
average of 80-90 per cent.


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