Another Craigslist clone?

I've already seen so this email had me wondering if the market was big enough to support another Online Classified site for India.

Maybe. The Indian population is huge, even though net penetration is low, but in absolute numbers we are much bigger than most nations' internet connectivity. But e-commerce is still an unknown adventure for most Indians on the net. Lack of trust is also a big factor. I'm waiting for the day when offline media like Times of India leverages it's huge classifieds reach on to the internet, the same way as they have entered the online jobsite market.

By the way, have a look at the site and the email I got from them.

OLX stands for 'OnLine Exchange'. OLX is 'the next generation of free online classifieds and auctions providing a more local service on a global level'. OLX is the last and more ambitious endeavor of two extremely successful international entrepreneurs, Fabrice Grinda, founder and former CEO of Zingy (, the largest mobile media company in the Americas, and Alec Oxenford, founder and former CEO of (,  a leading online auction site in Latin America. Alec and Fabrice are both co-founders and co-CEOs of OLX.

Although OLX India ( is still in a pre-launch stage, INDIA is one of the first countries where the OLX website is already available (you can check the list in the website).  Users are encouraged to try out OLX now in anticipation of all the great features they will be receiving in the near future.  OLX's website for Hyderabad is (  You can also try the OLX Mobile version -although not fully operational yet- from or


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  1. Is the OLX script buyable and for how much.

    Also the names and urls or any other craigslist clones that are lowcost and have states and cities would be useful to me.


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  4. Your post its not complete, could you please re-post the missing part?
    I want to read all the article as I was planning to use OLX.

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