Learning to Drive

I’m feeling very tickled these days. That’s because over the last four days I’ve finally managed to learn to drive !

Sure it’s not great driving right now. I stutter and start and difficult roads and heavy traffic make me go clammy and increase my heart rates, but I am getting there!

It makes eminent sense when Ekta is expecting and Saachi is such a little monkey ! 🙂

Sunday was actually a quantum leap. I drove more than 30 km as we went to Nandhini’s in Koramangala for lunch ! Phew !

As is my wont I’ll touch a little bit of theory here. I observed myself go through the typical learning cycle and even thought I am a learning consultant, it wasn’t easy to learn.

In fact, Dr. Edgar Schein labelled it the “learning anxiety” that every person faces when he/she wants to learn something new.

In fact another model of learning talks about the four stages of learning when one moves sequentially from (i) unconcious incompetence (“I don’t know what I don’t know”) to (ii) conscious incompetence (“I know what it is that I don’t know”) to (iii) conscious competence (“I am learning it, but I haven’t internalised it”) and finally moving to (iv) unconscious competence (“I know it so well that I don’t have to remember it”)

In fact my driving is still in phase (iii) and I need to remember things to do. Phase (iv) is actually the time when it becomes more Zen-like !


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  1. God, I’m still at stage one and I’ll get dehydrated at the rate I sweat it out when I’m behind the wheel!

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