Indian Social Strategists

Based on Jeremiah Owyang’s initiative I thought I’d take a stab at making a list of Indians (based in India) who are social media specialists/ managers/ strategists of firms in India.

Note, these are employees – and client side people – so I am not including the large number of consultants, agencies etc. in the list. Can you add more to the list? Leave a comment below with the link to their Linkedin profile.

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  5. Thanks Gautam, great stuff!!

  6. Thanks Gautam, great job! :)

  7. Rishi Dogra
    Consultant – Digital Marketing
    Pepsico India

  8. Ankit Bathija (Lakme Fashion Week)

  9. 1. Ashok Lalla (Euro RSCG)
    2. Muralikrishnan B. (Ebay India)
    3. Lalit Bhagia (Star TV)
    4. Vishal Singhal (Cell Strat)
    5. Ali Hussein (MTV India)
    6. Maya Hari (Conde Nast Digital India)
    7. Sandeep Suvarna (Linkedin India)
    8. Prerna Nayak (Rediff India)

  10. I will pass it to others, we are managing the Social Media for LinenClub, Aditya Birla & few large brands.. Since we are an agency we don’t qualify for it. I will get some guys from MTV etc.

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