A list of Indian Human Resources and Workplace Blogs

This is a constantly work in progress page. If you need to add your blog to this list either leave a comment below or send me an email at lists@gautamghosh.net

Some Indians blogging about HR and Workplace issues are:

  1. Wonderful list of some HR professional blogger and have read abhishek mittal blog and it really good I must say.Keep sharing good list admin

  2. Hi Gautam,

    Thanks for the comprehensive list of HR and Workplace Blogs.
    I would like to suggest one more addition to the list – HRSuccessGuide.com

    It’s by a group of HR professionals and is ranked amongst the top 10 Human Resources Blog on Indiblogger.

  3. Nice website. Very cool content. Thank you!!!

  4. Hi Gautam..Good list actually..thanks for the list.

  5. Wondering if my website http://www.hrindya.com finds a place in this list.

  6. Nice blog by you gauthi…..Its use full to me
    Thanking you


  7. Hi Gautam, a great initiative to put together all HR Blogs together. Please add mine.

  8. wow.. i see one of my dearest friends blog being mentioned here.. that’s such and honour.
    Congrats Akanksha, i’m sure your words are an inspiration to many professionals.

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